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Keep Savannah Quirky

15 Jul

This morning Savannah was even more atmospheric than usual. The clouds hung as low and gray as the Spanish moss; the sidewalks were strewn with tiny white flower petals released during the storms last night. But what I wanted to share is the quirkier side of Savannah. This is a house I pass on my way to work….



Trunk Seating from Recreate

23 Jun

Many of you know about my trunk obsession. This is brillant reuse of trunks…into chairs

flower arranging 101: deli flowers « The Improvised Life

10 May

This is a great article on flower arranging 101: deli flowers « The Improvised Life. I’ve seen Nigella Lawson do something similar. However, Nigella took ordinary shop flowers and cut the stems short, putting one flower per small vase or bottle and scattered them around the table. It makes a nice change from a central bouquet, plus doesn’t block the view or conversation between your guests.

Maps to Baskets from Sierra Magazine

27 Apr

I adore old maps. I hate to see them made obsolete by GPS, but here’s a great way to reuse your old maps and turn them into cool little baskets: Repurpose – May/June 2011 – Sierra Magazine – Sierra Club.

weeds are in the eye of the beholder

25 Apr

I have never met a weed. One person’s dandelion nightmare is my beautiful sign of spring. How can buttercups be bad? Not only are pesticides and herbicides the bane of everyone on the planet (whether they realize it or not), but they are entirely unnecessary. First, proper organic gardening techniques will control for unwanted and insects. Second, take a minute to look around, and you will find many “weeds” that grow naturally are beautiful!

These flowers grow out of a three-leaf clover variety mixed in with our grass in the front yard. For the last several weeks, these beautiful flowers have graced a big swath of our front yard.

purple clover flowers

purple clover close-up

white tree flowers

white tree flowers in window

These white flowers grow on a tree in our front yard. I have no idea what any of these varieties may be, but who cares? Below, these thin, fringy daisy-like flowers are from our backyard.

fringy daisiesI also don’t have many vases, so I use alternatives. I still like to use glass, because it is heavier and therefore less likely to get knocked over. Glass is also usually the most beautiful. So I use pint glasses and jam jars…whatever I have on hand.


Indie Fixx / Decorating with nature in the winter

24 Jan

One of the beautiful things about living in Savannah is that the city is green year-round. The live oaks and magnolias ensure against the city becoming bleak and gray. But for those who don’t have this luxury, I love this idea from the Indie Fixx blog / Decorating with nature in the winter.


Craft Organization: The stash is stashed

20 Jan

My crafting supplies were getting completely out of control. I was basket case- literally- I had baskets scattered everywhere. And it was getting worse, I also had cardboard boxes holding supplies. yuck.

Disaster area before organization

Disaster area before organization

A friend graciously offered a dresser that she no longer wanted. However, it was large, heavy, and would have been difficult to repaint. I decided to forage thrift shops for what I needed. I found this chest at Youman’s Furniture Warehouse. For less than $10 and a little elbow grease, I had a chest for storage that will triple as a way to carry items to craft shows and provide a cool display. The interior of the chest is lined with paper replicating old advertisements.


Trunk before cleaning

Trunk before cleaning

trunk interior

trunk interior


After rummaging through a bunch of Skidaway Road used furniture stores ranging from boring to skeevy, I arrived at my destination: Two Women and a Warehouse. Two Women and a Warehouse sells vintage furniture and decor items. While I found many pieces I loved, I also found a nice set of shelves that I could afford. A stop at the Sally Mood Drive Goodwill thrift store scored me yet another basket.

The trunk's bent metal hardware

The trunk's bent metal hardware

I spent the morning wiping down the shelves (I did say warehouse) and cleaning and fixing the trunk. Using a hammer and pliers, I bent some of the trunk’s metal hardware back into place. Then it was time for a massive organization. I put all of my scrap yarn into one basket, which was a delightful trip down memory lane: yarn used in my Jayne hat, yarn from sweaters, sock yarn, and mitten yarn. The final results:

Final results

Final results

Trunk and Pretzel Can

The pretzel can came from my grandmother's attic.

Galvanized Copper Tub

This copper tub was left in our backyard by a previous tenant.

A big piece of furniture may have been a cleaner, more elegant solution. But I like that I can see my supplies and don’t have to open every drawer to find something.  My solution was cheaper, supported local businesses and good causes, re-used rather than manufactured new, and was simply more my style.

Shelves from Two Women and a Warehouse

Encaustics: beeswax paintings

13 Jan

If you are in Savannah anytime soon, you must stop by the Savannah Bee Company‘s store on Broughton Street. Walk past the glowing bottles of nectar, past the tasting bar and the kiddie play hive to the very back. Along the back wall is displayed the work of Elizabeth B. Guri, a local Savannah artist who creates encaustics. Encaustic arts are paintings and sculptures of beeswax or Damar resin mixed with pigments, oil based paints, or pastels. The paintings she creates are stunning. Vivid colors and textures in abstracts, landscapes, and still lifes. (can I say still lifes?) My favorite painting was a swirl of ocean. The paintings even have the faint, beautiful aroma of sweet beeswax.

Creative Coffee Tables

18 Dec


Steam trunk

This steam trunk is my coffee table.


I am a huge fan of multi-functional furniture, especially cleverly re-used furniture. I found this steam trunk at a yard sale in southern Maryland for five dollars. It was perfect for storing junk and eliminating clutter in my tiny living space. My Mom’s coffee table is her grandparent’s steam trunk, which was used during their emigration from Scotland. She laid plate glass over the top to protect the trunk and provide a flat surface for resting all the books, coffee cups, magazines, and knitting projects that accumulate there.


Toy chest

This chest also resides in my home. My grandfather made it as a toy chest when I was quite small. Unfortunately, it no longer holds toys, now it contains my fieldwork clothes. Chests of all sorts are beautiful, practical additions to any room and can be found at all price points.


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