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Sweater Recycling

18 Jan

This blog post contains an amazing number of resources for recycling on sweaters. Makes me regret giving away so many of mine as I moved farther south!   Always Chrysti – 100+ Ways to reuse your old sweaters!. Thanks to Etsy Knitter Mette for the link!


“Green” Holiday Craft

16 Dec

I hate throwing away beautiful holiday cards. It seems like such a waste. Of course, I recycle them, but this link is a brillant way to reuse them. The tutorial teaches you how to refashion your holiday cards into a Christmas garland: Bobbi\’s Art: Green Holiday Craft. Due credit: I found the link on Craft Gossip.

Quick Tip #4

30 Nov

Here’s a couple of eco-friendly, practical craft projects:

– Make a grocery bag out of an old t-shirt, from the Between the Lines blog.

– Two ways to reuse you sad, old bath puffs, from Salihan Crafts blog

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