About Freestyle Fashion

I would like you to meet Shanti.

Shanti was handmade by my Aunt Jenny in 1985. At the height of the Cabbage Patch Kid craze, Aunt Jenny designed, handmade, and sold tons of these dolls. (Two others, Michael and Jen, still live at my parent’s house). But Shanti is special, she was the first made. Jenny handcrafted the clothes, finger, and toes of each doll. Shanti even has a belly button and handpainted eyes.

I come from a long line of very creative and crafty women. They crafted both out of need and desire; only they could tell you which was more important. My maternal grandmother tells stories of her mother standing (hiding) between the sheets hanging on her clothesline, counting stitches in her neighbors’ knitted and crocheted designs on their clotheslines. Apparently, the neighbor wouldn’t share the pattern, so Old Grandma (my great grandmother) simply figured it out on her own.

from left to right: lacy cream wrap by Old Grandma, multi-color scrap afghan by Old Grandma, white crocheted afghan by Aunt Lois

I am a professional archaeologist and museum wiz by day and a creative handcrafts  entrepreneur by night. My philosophy is to explore and design as I go. But this is only possible because I have been taught the basics by these talented and wonderful women, my aunts, grandmothers, and especially my mother. I hope to share my nerdtastic crafting with the rest of the crafting community.

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2 Responses to “About Freestyle Fashion”

  1. Jordan February 29, 2016 at 1:17 am #

    Hello I just found two broken links at your blog. You can send me an email at jordan at housewiveshobbies.com to point them to you 🙂

    Great blog by the way 😀 Love it!!


  2. Melissa July 1, 2017 at 8:00 pm #

    Hi, I just came across you by chance on google and had a question on a complete whim that you might be able to help.
    I visited Minnesota as as child with a program that brought kids from Northern Ireland to America.
    When I was there the family I stayed with bought me a doll which was like a replica of a cabbage patch doll it was wayyy better though handmade soft face wool hair and had a little red like leather heart on her butt lol
    I can’t remember much about the shop but I imagine that these dolls where made and sold here,
    I was just wondering on a whim if by any chance my doll could have been made by you’re aunt ?

    Thanks for you’re time
    Melissa 😀

    Sent from my iPhone

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