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Craft Organization: The stash is stashed

20 Jan

My crafting supplies were getting completely out of control. I was basket case- literally- I had baskets scattered everywhere. And it was getting worse, I also had cardboard boxes holding supplies. yuck.

Disaster area before organization

Disaster area before organization

A friend graciously offered a dresser that she no longer wanted. However, it was large, heavy, and would have been difficult to repaint. I decided to forage thrift shops for what I needed. I found this chest at Youman’s Furniture Warehouse. For less than $10 and a little elbow grease, I had a chest for storage that will triple as a way to carry items to craft shows and provide a cool display. The interior of the chest is lined with paper replicating old advertisements.


Trunk before cleaning

Trunk before cleaning

trunk interior

trunk interior


After rummaging through a bunch of Skidaway Road used furniture stores ranging from boring to skeevy, I arrived at my destination: Two Women and a Warehouse. Two Women and a Warehouse sells vintage furniture and decor items. While I found many pieces I loved, I also found a nice set of shelves that I could afford. A stop at the Sally Mood Drive Goodwill thrift store scored me yet another basket.

The trunk's bent metal hardware

The trunk's bent metal hardware

I spent the morning wiping down the shelves (I did say warehouse) and cleaning and fixing the trunk. Using a hammer and pliers, I bent some of the trunk’s metal hardware back into place. Then it was time for a massive organization. I put all of my scrap yarn into one basket, which was a delightful trip down memory lane: yarn used in my Jayne hat, yarn from sweaters, sock yarn, and mitten yarn. The final results:

Final results

Final results

Trunk and Pretzel Can

The pretzel can came from my grandmother's attic.

Galvanized Copper Tub

This copper tub was left in our backyard by a previous tenant.

A big piece of furniture may have been a cleaner, more elegant solution. But I like that I can see my supplies and don’t have to open every drawer to find something.  My solution was cheaper, supported local businesses and good causes, re-used rather than manufactured new, and was simply more my style.

Shelves from Two Women and a Warehouse

Creative Coffee Tables

18 Dec


Steam trunk

This steam trunk is my coffee table.


I am a huge fan of multi-functional furniture, especially cleverly re-used furniture. I found this steam trunk at a yard sale in southern Maryland for five dollars. It was perfect for storing junk and eliminating clutter in my tiny living space. My Mom’s coffee table is her grandparent’s steam trunk, which was used during their emigration from Scotland. She laid plate glass over the top to protect the trunk and provide a flat surface for resting all the books, coffee cups, magazines, and knitting projects that accumulate there.


Toy chest

This chest also resides in my home. My grandfather made it as a toy chest when I was quite small. Unfortunately, it no longer holds toys, now it contains my fieldwork clothes. Chests of all sorts are beautiful, practical additions to any room and can be found at all price points.


More Holiday Gift Ideas

15 Dec

Of the many fabulous boutiques and shops on Broughton Street in downtown Savannah, one of my favorites is Zia. Zia has gorgeous, unique jewelry and accessories at extremely reasonable prices. I’m not saying cheap; I’m saying reasonable. Expect to pay between $25 and $400 on most of the jewelry.  The jewelry is designed by the boutique’s owner Zia Sachedina and other designers from around the world. For those who don’t live in Savannah, you can purchase from the website.

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