Creative Coffee Tables

18 Dec


Steam trunk

This steam trunk is my coffee table.


I am a huge fan of multi-functional furniture, especially cleverly re-used furniture. I found this steam trunk at a yard sale in southern Maryland for five dollars. It was perfect for storing junk and eliminating clutter in my tiny living space. My Mom’s coffee table is her grandparent’s steam trunk, which was used during their emigration from Scotland. She laid plate glass over the top to protect the trunk and provide a flat surface for resting all the books, coffee cups, magazines, and knitting projects that accumulate there.


Toy chest

This chest also resides in my home. My grandfather made it as a toy chest when I was quite small. Unfortunately, it no longer holds toys, now it contains my fieldwork clothes. Chests of all sorts are beautiful, practical additions to any room and can be found at all price points.



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