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Rethinking “The Minimalist” TV show: Sweet Potato Salad

13 Jun

As I have continued to watch Mark Bittman’s The Minimalist on the Cooking Channel, I like it more and more. Recent shows on desserts and healthy cooking have been great and have inspired a few of my cooking adventures. The dessert episode had a good recipe for sorbet, which morphed into my strawberry-mint daiquiri.

Tonight I worked off of Bittman’s Sweet Potato Salad recipe. I used his basic idea, but used the ingredients I had on hand. I roasted my sweet potatoes and onions with smoked paprika and cumin. I didn’t have bell pepper but added pickled banana peppers instead. It was delicious with a faux-jito (mint and lime juice muddled with sugar and doused with tonic water).  Enjoy!

Sweet Potato Salad with Faux-jito


Mark Bittman’s “The Minimalist”

6 Mar

I just finished watching Mark Bittman’s new TV show, The Minimalist on the Cooking Channel. I am a fan of his podcast, but unfortunately, rarely remember to read his New York Times column. The good news is that Bittman’s half-hour show has all the dry humor and fabulous, easy recipes as his fun podcast. The bad news is that the show appears to be several of his video-podcasts smooshed together. (Although they may be filming extra segments for the TV show, I wasn’t able to find out.) The first episode was all pasta recipes, and I definitely recognized two segments from his podcast. However, the last recipe was new-to-me and fascinating. He made a risotto-style pasta, using the same technique of slowly adding stock to the pasta and veggies to create a creamy sauce all in one pot. So unless you have seen every last one of Bittman’s podcasts, I recommend checking out The Minimalist in its TV incarnation. Bittman’s recipes are fuss-free and healthy, just what we all need more of in our lives.

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