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Parisian Woman ‘Fixes’ Potholes With Yarn : TreeHugger

8 May


An example of yarnbombing for the good of society.

Documentary filming yarnbombing

24 Apr

This link takes you to the proposal and plea for funds to film a documentary on yarnbombing. It contains some really cool images of projects around the world and brief interviews with yarnbomber artists.

Crochet Yarnbombing

22 Apr

This fabulous Doilies in Razor Wire project is an interesting take on yarnbombing and a very powerful statement.

Thanks to the ever-fabulous Improvised Life facebook page for this link.

Museums & Yarnbombing

12 Apr

Glad to see the American Association of Museums Center for the Future of Museums has caught up 0n the yarnbombing phenomenon, previously discussed on this blog here and here and here.


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