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flower arranging 101: deli flowers « The Improvised Life

10 May

This is a great article on flower arranging 101: deli flowers « The Improvised Life. I’ve seen Nigella Lawson do something similar. However, Nigella took ordinary shop flowers and cut the stems short, putting one flower per small vase or bottle and scattered them around the table. It makes a nice change from a central bouquet, plus doesn’t block the view or conversation between your guests.

Inspiration: Bonaventure Cemetery

2 Mar

perfect pink pink bloomsMercer angel

We are so lucky to live in Savannah. Right now, the weather is wonderful (ask again when July comes around). The camellias and hibiscus are blooming, and there is a wonderful fresh scent on the breeze. I don’t consider photography to be one of my artistic talents, but it is hard not to take wonderful pictures at Bonaventure Cemetery.

Johnny Mercer

offerings for an angel






camellias frame a statuary


hibiscusBlooms at Bonaventure

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