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Avec Eric

20 Jun

I realize I am way behind on recommending this show, but Georgia Public Broadcasting doesn’t air it.

I finally got around to watching Avec Eric on Hulu.com tonight. Avec Eric (French for “With Eric”) stars Eric Ripert, the Executive Chef and Co-Owner of Le Bernardin in New York. Much like the gorgeous Diary of a Foodie by Gourmet Magazine, the show features travel, food, and fabulous restaurants. Both are half hour TV shows that will inspire, enlighten, and make you drool.

Not the Food Network

12 Nov

Today I saw a preview for a relatively new PBS TV show, “Nourish”. Apparently, it has been running since October. Of course, its not available here in Savannah. The article and preview are posted on the great environmental news site, Grist. The article was not super informative, but the show seems to have interviews with the usual food suspects (Michael Pollan, Anna Lappé, and Jamie Oliver) and will discuss food, sustainability, and creativity. The show’s website lists the stations that are running the show by city and has clips, but not whole shows, available for streaming.

I adore “Gourmet’s Diary of a Foodie“, a collaboration between public television and the late, lamented Gourmet Magazine.  Episodes travel the world following foodies on their particular obsession. The cinematography is lush, the people are engaging, and the stories make you want to bite into your computer (in a good way). Each full episode is available on iTunes or in streaming video on their website.

Since the Food Network has turned to the same “reality TV” competition shows as the rest of the networks, I was delighted to find we get the new Cooking Channel. It has all of the great educational, informative shows that the Food Network had 10 years ago, plus new shows that cover cuisines from around the world (for example Luke’s Vietnam). And they run old classics from Julia Child and the Two Fat Ladies.

Bon Appetité!

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