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Herb Garden

3 Jun

I have not had much time to craft recently, but I have started an herb garden. We have a small area in the backyard that gets overgrown with tall weeds. The previous downstairs tenant cut the weeds, laid black anti-weed fabric, and wood mulch on top.
Earlier in the spring, I pulled back the mulch and removed the fabric. I planted several kinds of herb seeds but only cilantro grew. That’s what I get for not going to the trouble to grow seedlings and transplant.
In the past few weeks I planted some potted herbs that were hanging around and were desperate for some fresh air (primarily oregano, I think the rosemary might be beyond help). I bought potted basil and chocolate mint at the farmer’s market last weekend. A good friend gave me oregano and lemon balm from her garden. Between all of these attempts, I have the nice beginnings of an herb garden for little effort.


weeds are in the eye of the beholder

25 Apr

I have never met a weed. One person’s dandelion nightmare is my beautiful sign of spring. How can buttercups be bad? Not only are pesticides and herbicides the bane of everyone on the planet (whether they realize it or not), but they are entirely unnecessary. First, proper organic gardening techniques will control for unwanted and insects. Second, take a minute to look around, and you will find many “weeds” that grow naturally are beautiful!

These flowers grow out of a three-leaf clover variety mixed in with our grass in the front yard. For the last several weeks, these beautiful flowers have graced a big swath of our front yard.

purple clover flowers

purple clover close-up

white tree flowers

white tree flowers in window

These white flowers grow on a tree in our front yard. I have no idea what any of these varieties may be, but who cares? Below, these thin, fringy daisy-like flowers are from our backyard.

fringy daisiesI also don’t have many vases, so I use alternatives. I still like to use glass, because it is heavier and therefore less likely to get knocked over. Glass is also usually the most beautiful. So I use pint glasses and jam jars…whatever I have on hand.


Design*Sponge Blog » eco winter reads

29 Jan

From the always lovely Design*Sponge Blog comes a list of 10 books for winter reading.  Start planning for your organic spring garden (or at least dream):  Design*Sponge » Blog Archive » small measures with ashley: eco winter reads.

cure for winter blues?

26 Jan

While this”park in a storefront” is a fascinating idea, I don’t think the fake trees is what I need mid-winter.  openhouse gallery: park here.

A much better solution: the Conservatory at Longwood Gardens, one of my favorite places on planet Earth. The scent alone will cure you of almost anything.

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