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DIY Shrinky Dinks » Curbly

31 May

Between havings teacher-parents and loving shrinky dinks, this post greatly appealed to me:


Favorite blogs

23 May

Keeping up with three jobs has recently left little time for blogging, but one of my jobs has afforded me time to catch up on my favorite podcasts. This week’s A Splendid Table, an NPR foodie show, featured frequent contributor Sally Schneider, who also runs The Improvised Life, one of my favorite blogs. This week Sally discussed some of her favorite blogs.

Insatiable Crocheter Agata Oleksiak’s Studio Apartment Installation

17 May

Yarn art takes over:  Insatiable Crocheter Agata Oleksiak’s Studio Apartment Installation – Home Design Spring 2011 — New York Magazine.

Pickle Salad

14 May


This salad is very similar to a summer salad my Mom makes. I start by chopping some onion (we have vidalias local and in season now). Cover the onions in vinegar (any type will do) and let them sit. Next I prepped the green beans by trimming the ends and cutting them into bite size pieces. While I steamed the beans, I chopped the cucumber. Once the green beans were cooked and cooled, I drained and rinsed the onions. The vinegar soak helps to deflame the onions, so they don’t overwhelm the dish.
Combine all of the veggies and cover with plenty of  balsamic and red wine vinegar, salt, and roughly cracked black pepper. Add a little bit of olive oil and rosemary, and stir in oregano if you wish.
The salad is more pickled veg than veggies with vinagrette, so don’t skimp in the salt. Also this means the salad will need to sit in the frig for at least an hour. The original was just cucs and onions, but I added the green beans for extra nutrition. I love this as a summer salad because it is so refreshing and tangy. Enjoy!

Carrot Top Pesto video

13 May

This video is from the Perennial Plate author, Daniel Klein. I always wondered it carrot tops were good for anything.  Forget the compost bucket—toss those carrot tops into the blender for pesto! [VIDEO] | Grist.

Meditations on Toasters

13 May

Meditations on toast and the rampant consumerism in most of our lives from the brilliant minds at The Improvised Life: dept of unnecessary things: electric toaster « The Improvised Life. I love the low-tech alternatives to the electric toaster. More so since the upper heating element on my toaster oven no longer works.

Comic Sans Criminal – There’s help available for people like you!

12 May

I’m a bit of a font nerd myself, so I found this jokey reminder both funny and serious. Help others make wiser design decisions with this site:

flower arranging 101: deli flowers « The Improvised Life

10 May

This is a great article on flower arranging 101: deli flowers « The Improvised Life. I’ve seen Nigella Lawson do something similar. However, Nigella took ordinary shop flowers and cut the stems short, putting one flower per small vase or bottle and scattered them around the table. It makes a nice change from a central bouquet, plus doesn’t block the view or conversation between your guests.

Parisian Woman ‘Fixes’ Potholes With Yarn : TreeHugger

8 May

An example of yarnbombing for the good of society.

My Knitting Basket Blog

8 May

I came across this lovely knitting blog this morning: My Knitting Basket. I particularly like her discussion on acrylic yarns and this freaking adorable knitted Stig doll (a character on Top Gear, a British TV car show).

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