Craft Organization: The stash is stashed

20 Jan

My crafting supplies were getting completely out of control. I was basket case- literally- I had baskets scattered everywhere. And it was getting worse, I also had cardboard boxes holding supplies. yuck.

Disaster area before organization

Disaster area before organization

A friend graciously offered a dresser that she no longer wanted. However, it was large, heavy, and would have been difficult to repaint. I decided to forage thrift shops for what I needed. I found this chest at Youman’s Furniture Warehouse. For less than $10 and a little elbow grease, I had a chest for storage that will triple as a way to carry items to craft shows and provide a cool display. The interior of the chest is lined with paper replicating old advertisements.


Trunk before cleaning

Trunk before cleaning

trunk interior

trunk interior


After rummaging through a bunch of Skidaway Road used furniture stores ranging from boring to skeevy, I arrived at my destination: Two Women and a Warehouse. Two Women and a Warehouse sells vintage furniture and decor items. While I found many pieces I loved, I also found a nice set of shelves that I could afford. A stop at the Sally Mood Drive Goodwill thrift store scored me yet another basket.

The trunk's bent metal hardware

The trunk's bent metal hardware

I spent the morning wiping down the shelves (I did say warehouse) and cleaning and fixing the trunk. Using a hammer and pliers, I bent some of the trunk’s metal hardware back into place. Then it was time for a massive organization. I put all of my scrap yarn into one basket, which was a delightful trip down memory lane: yarn used in my Jayne hat, yarn from sweaters, sock yarn, and mitten yarn. The final results:

Final results

Final results

Trunk and Pretzel Can

The pretzel can came from my grandmother's attic.

Galvanized Copper Tub

This copper tub was left in our backyard by a previous tenant.

A big piece of furniture may have been a cleaner, more elegant solution. But I like that I can see my supplies and don’t have to open every drawer to find something.  My solution was cheaper, supported local businesses and good causes, re-used rather than manufactured new, and was simply more my style.

Shelves from Two Women and a Warehouse


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