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T-shirt Quilt

4 Jan

T-shirt quilt


We had acquired about 3 zillion t-shirts over the years. While it’s impossible to wear all of these, it’s also hard to get rid of them because many are fond reminders of schools, races, and great friends. So I made a patchwork quilt.

Using a template (a coffee table book, not the best option really) I cut out the logo/design part of the t-shirt with a circular quilting blade. Then I sewed the rectangles into strips, and sewed the strips together. This is the time to use your machine- don’t bother hand quilting. Rather than using batting and backing, I just purchased a large swath of fleece and quilted the fleece and patched t-shirts together, bringing the fleece around to the front to create a border.

Easiest Homemade Ice Cream

1 Jan

In a last ditch effort to make something special for New Year’s Eve, I turned to a Nigella Lawson’s recipe, No Churn Margarita Ice Cream. Of course, I didn’t have every ingredient. Instead, I mixed half-and-half (instead of whipped heavy cream), lime juice, powdered sugar, and rum (instead of tequila and cointreau) in a plastic, lidded container.  I shook the container to introduce some air bubbles (cheater way of whipping or churning) and stuck it in the freezer. Over the next few hours, I shook it several times and allowed it to freeze.

A little before midnight, after approximately 5.5 hours of freezing, we had a zingy, somewhat silky ice cream version of the original daiquiri. The ice cream had fairly large ice crystals, so it wasn’t the smoothest, but it certainly was the easiest homemade ice cream.

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