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7 Aug

A new movement for a brillant graphic concept, sartalics, or italics that lean the opposite direction and mean that the speaker/writer is being sarcastic. brilliant!

String DNA

5 Aug

Simple, elegant data visualization turned into art in your browser: String DNA. Go experiment.

Chalking it Up

4 Aug

Two recent blog posts reminded me how much I liked to draw with chalk in my grandparent’s driveway. My own driveway was a bit steep, but Grandpa always had a good chalk supply for us cousins. First, The Improvised Life had a great post on chalk welcome mats and Kolams (amazing Indian chalk drawings). Then, Design Sponge interviewed  Dana Tanamachi, an artist who works in chalk. Amazing stuff.

Knitting Resource: Weaving in Ends by Purl Bee

3 Aug

This blog post on the Purl Bee is a fantastic resource on the many, many different ways to weave in your ends on knitted pieces. The author makes the excellent point that there is no one right way to do this, but different methods may be better for different pieces.

Thanks to Mette on Etsy Knitters for posting this resource and all her other great links.


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