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Sweater Recycling

18 Jan

This blog post contains an amazing number of resources for recycling on sweaters. Makes me regret giving away so many of mine as I moved farther south!   Always Chrysti – 100+ Ways to reuse your old sweaters!. Thanks to Etsy Knitter Mette for the link!

Freestyle Fashion by Dad

8 Nov

On the landing to our apartment stands one of my favorite possessions. Inspired by a signpost seen on a Florida vacation, my Dad built me a personal signpost showing the path of my life. Each directional sign is a place I lived. As I continued to move, we just drilled new holes and added another arrow.

My life signpost

The coolest part? The center post and the stand are salvaged from the swing set and playhouse he built me when I was five. The swing set, which he designed and built with my Uncle Keith, had two swings, a trapeze bar, and small “house” on stilts with a ladder for access. The main post is one of the house stilts.

Detail of my life signpost


I have moved this signpost through four states now. Nothing makes a new apartment feel like home like a literal piece of home handcrafted by my Dad.

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