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A Tale of Two Dresses, Part Two

6 Jan

The tale of two 60s vintage dresses found at a goodwill store continues below.

Olive green dress

Just like the brown print dress, I began altering the olive green dress, by sewing in the brown print triangles at the base of the skirt and at the neckline.

I decided this is entirely too much olive green polyester. The sleeves had to go.  Also, the brown print triangle at the neckline was not working because of construction differences.

After the chop

Sleeves and neckline altered.





I hand sewed a small hem along the sleeve edges and the new V-neck and finished the dress by ironing the seams flat.

dark olive dress

Finished dress

dark olive green dress
back of finished dress



A Tale of Two Dresses

5 Jan

Brown Print DressOlive Green Dress

I found these two dresses at a local goodwill for $5 each. Judging from the construction details, these dresses were homemade in the 1960s. They are very similar and approximately a modern size 14 or 16. I couldn’t resist trying to make them into something wearable.


Cutting triangular sections from the dresses

Cutting triangular sections from the dresses



I started by cutting large, triangular sections from the bottom of both dresses.  Then I sewed the opposite print triangles into each dress.


Sewing the opposite print triangle into each dress.

Sewing the opposite print triangles into each dress.


Next, I cut a small triangle out the front neckline of each dress and reversing prints, sewed the opposite triangle into each dress.



Since I added seams, which took in the material, I had to compensate by adding a seam up the front of the dress, connecting the two triangles. This prevented bunching.


Seam sewn up the front of the brown dress.

Inside view of the seam sewn up the front of the brown dress.







I cut open the seam and ironed it open so it laid flat. The back seam was more tricky, because it was near the zipper. I tucked a fold and tacked the inside as best as possible.  I could have redone the entire zipper, but honestly, I’m too lazy and this dress is still pretty ugly.

At this point, the dress is still way to big for me, so I tried it on and measured how many inches I needed to remove. I greatly exaggerated the existing darts at the back of the dress and made new darts in the front.


enlarged darts at the back

enlarged darts at the back



Finish darts by cutting out the excess material from the darts and ironing open the seams. To finish the dress, I cut 3.5 inches of length from the sleeves and added a 0.5 inch hem. The shorter sleeves lightened up and modernized the dress.


Finished dress

Finished dress










In true freestyle fashion, I made it up as I went a problem solved along the way. The finished dress is a vast improvement over the old one, but is still pretty funky/ugly. Stay tuned for my post on completing the other dress.
back of the finished dress

back of the finished dress



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