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Handmade Holiday Gifts

9 Dec

When you are shopping for holiday gifts this year, please consider handmade and local. One of my favorite online stores is: Ten Thousand Villages. A Fair Trade Retailer. || Learn about fair trade, find special gift ideas & shop for unique handicrafts from around the world.

Another example of beautiful handmade, fair trade gifts from around the world is Go Fish. We are lucky enough to have a local Go Fish shop here in Savannah.


Old Freestyle Fashion

18 Oct

Sometimes I wonder if I haven’t given away all of my best work to birthdays, holidays, and weddings. Other times, I worry about small (or medium) imperfections in gifts. Yesterday, I was surprised at how much I liked an old gifted project. The case in point:


When I made this purse with a “pull through” closure, I wasn’t crazy about the look. It was too bulbous and unstructured, and the strap was a little unwieldy. The closure is a large knitted handle that passes through a small knitted handle. Is there a proper name for this type of clasp/handle? There should be.




On second look, the colors are great and the materials feel wonderfully soft in your hands. The inside is lined in soft purple corduroy.

Mom’s feedback confirmed the handle is too long and a little squishy. Also, the dark lining makes it hard to find items at he bottom. But several years later, she still loves it and uses it.

She is probably biased.

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