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Favorite blogs

23 May

Keeping up with three jobs has recently left little time for blogging, but one of my jobs has afforded me time to catch up on my favorite podcasts. This week’s A Splendid Table, an NPR foodie show, featured frequent contributor Sally Schneider, who also runs The Improvised Life, one of my favorite blogs. This week Sally discussed some of her favorite blogs.

Mark Bittman’s “The Minimalist”

6 Mar

I just finished watching Mark Bittman’s new TV show, The Minimalist on the Cooking Channel. I am a fan of his podcast, but unfortunately, rarely remember to read his New York Times column. The good news is that Bittman’s half-hour show has all the dry humor and fabulous, easy recipes as his fun podcast. The bad news is that the show appears to be several of his video-podcasts smooshed together. (Although they may be filming extra segments for the TV show, I wasn’t able to find out.) The first episode was all pasta recipes, and I definitely recognized two segments from his podcast. However, the last recipe was new-to-me and fascinating. He made a risotto-style pasta, using the same technique of slowly adding stock to the pasta and veggies to create a creamy sauce all in one pot. So unless you have seen every last one of Bittman’s podcasts, I recommend checking out The Minimalist in its TV incarnation. Bittman’s recipes are fuss-free and healthy, just what we all need more of in our lives.

CraftyPod Reality Check

22 Oct

CraftyPod is one the best crafting podcasts out there (in my limited and humble experience). I recently discovered it and have been catching up on some back issues. (Can I can call podcasts issues?)

Episode #117 is the podcast to which everyone in the handmade business or contempting the handmade business should listen. Sister Dianne interviews craft-business blogger Megan Auman  about Etsy.com and the concept of a “pro-am community” (or professional-amateur). This conversation is a serious reality check on the joys and tears of having your own business. A valuable, but not depressing, comversation.

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