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Pet costumes are hilarious!

8 Oct

After cataloging train wreck photos (really) at my museum day job all week, I needed a laugh. So meet, Opie, my Aunt Beth’s long-suffering dog.

Squirrel pet costume

Opie dressed as a squirrel for Halloween.

Opie loves squirrels, so Beth decided to make him a squirrel costume. Opie’s sister, Taylor, was dressed as a devil/angel, but I believe that costume was purchased. Opie’s costume is a beautiful example of Freestyle Fashion. Beth bought a $2 gray sweatshirt at the thrift store and with less than one yard of furry material, made this adorable costume. The ears and tail were simply sewn into place.
 One caveat on pet costumes: Beth had to pin up the lower part of the sweatshirt when they were outside. Dogs will pee whenever they want whether their costume is in the way or not!
Opie patrols for squirrels without his costume.
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