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Roasted Pepper Soup

11 Jun

One of my favorite Savannah restaurants is Cha Bella. While there on my last birthday, I had the soup special as an appetizer, roasted green pepper soup. It was a pureed soup with goat cheese. I loved it and decided to try my own version.

This time, I tried a nice mix of peppers– red and green bell peppers, cubanos, and poblano chilies.

Peppers!I sliced the peppers in half and removed the seeds and pith, placing the pepper halves skin-up on a baking sheet. I tucked two cloves of garlic under one of the peppers to roast as well. I broiled the peppers for 10 minutes then put everything in a covered bowl to continue cooking. Meanwhile, I began to caramelize some onions. After 15 minutes, I removed the peppers’ skin and pureed them in a blender with a little bit of parsley, lots of thyme, salt, and pepper, adding the caramelized onions at the end.

Next time I will roast the peppers in two stages: the thin walled poblanos and cubanos at ten minutes and the thicker-walled bell peppers longer. The bell peppers weren’t as fully cooked as the other peppers, and so instead of a smooth texture, I had a chunkier soup. The velvet texture is one of the appeals of the original. I’m sure the original also contained a small amount of cream or olive oil to add smoothness and richness.

To finish, I topped with soup with extra thyme and a chunk of goat cheese. I ate my soup with these amazing cream biscuits from Smitten Kitchen, topped with creamed honey.  Enjoy!

Roasted Pepper Soup with biscuits and honey


Carrot Top Pesto video

13 May

This video is from the Perennial Plate author, Daniel Klein. I always wondered it carrot tops were good for anything.  Forget the compost bucket—toss those carrot tops into the blender for pesto! [VIDEO] | Grist.

Spicy Carrot Soup

26 Apr

This fabulous spicy carrot soup is very similar to my pumpkin soup. I started by caramelizing a yellow onion (more time will make it sweeter, less time more savory). Then I scrubbed one pound of carrots and chopped them into rough 2-inch pieces. I steamed these until very soft.

I threw the carrots, a small amount of leftover cooking water, a can of coconut milk, lots of garam marsala and cumin, smaller amounts of ancho chili, smoked paprika, turmeric, ginger, black pepper, and salt. Puree until smooth, luscious, and thick. To finish, I stirred in the onions. Of course, there are many directions to take this. Any Indian or Thai spices/curry mixes would be great. Another variation would be sage and rosemary with Gorgonzola or goat cheese crumbled on top. I paired this dish with one of Mom’s homemade stouts. Enjoy!

Spicy Carrot Soup with Mom's Stout

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