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swimmy seatsaver: true freestyle fashion crafting

30 Oct

I got tired of soaking my car seat with chlorine water four or five times a week when I finished swim practice. So three years ago, I crafted my swimmy seatsaver, a two layer seat cover that completely blocks the water but is comfortable on my bare skin. I sling the seatsaver over my seat after practice and remove before I leave for work. This way I keep my car seats clean and my work clothes dry.  This is what freestyle fashion is all about- using your craft skills to make beautiful and practical handmade items for yourself, family, and friends.

My original was light pink, but it’s now faded and stained from river water and archaeology dirt. It also has a cheesy ribbon that holds the top over the head rest.


My new and improved version has four pleats that curve around the top of the head rest and hold the seatsaver in place. The lack of elastic, ties, and snaps makes it easy to use and remove.  The seat saver will work for kids, pets, or adults. It’s perfect for swimmers, surfers, kayakers, paddleboarders, pets, kids… anybody who loves water and mud! Swimmy seatsavers are available on my etsy shop here.

Stay tuned for a future post in which I give tips on making your own Swimmy Seatsaver.

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