Lacey Clutches for Spring

10 Apr

knitted portion of purseI was inspired to create lacey, spring clutches when I purchased white and cream vintage yarn. These delicate clutches turned out to be almost more trouble than they were worth.

To make these, I knitted three rectangular swatches, then folded them in half and sewed the side seams. For one of the purses, I threaded silver and clear beaded onto the yarn and knitted the beads into the pattern. This was the easy part.

Next, I sewed the lining’s side seams and sewed the zipper onto the lining. I used filmy, pastel fabric for the lining which was difficult to cut, sew, and even pin. Finally, I simply sewed the lining into the knitted purse.

finished pursesFor the  third knitted clutch,  I will make a double lining and hopefully disguise the stitch-work around the zipper better.

For future purses, I will make the lining first, then make the knitted part to fit the lining. This is easiest because I have more expertise in knitting and this fabric was difficult to work.

closeup of beadwork





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