Easy Spring Salad with Strawberries and Green Beans in Balsamic Dressing

9 Apr

I usually bring desserts to parties. I love to bake, and I’m better at having my own course to deal with, no coordinating with anyone. We’ve all been to potlucks with five potato salads. But tonight I’m going to a birthday party- dessert will be cake. So I am bringing a side dish.

This easy spring salad was inspired by a dish I had at another birthday party. The original had spinach rather than green beans. I was also inspired by what was fresh at the Forsyth Farmer’s Market this morning:


Green beans and strawberries from the Forsyth Farmer's Market

Green beans and strawberries from the Forsyth Farmer's Market



salad dressing ingredients

I trimmed and chopped the green beans into bite size pieces. I steamed the green beans lightly, remember the acid in the dressing will continue to “cook” or break down the beans. While the beans were cooking, I mixed the dressing.

I combined several teaspoons of balsamic vinegar, a scant tablespoon of honey, freshly ground black pepper, a pinch of salt, and finely chopped fresh rosemary and lavender (about a teaspoon each). Finally, I slowly whisked in olive oil until I had a thick dressing.

To finish, I sliced the strawberries and mixed the fruits and veggies in the dressing. Then chill in the frig until it’s time for dinner!


Strawberry and Green Bean Spring Salad

Strawberry and Green Bean Spring Salad






5 Responses to “Easy Spring Salad with Strawberries and Green Beans in Balsamic Dressing”

  1. westwood April 9, 2011 at 1:44 pm #

    I had never thought of that combination before! Perhaps I shall have to give it a try

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