review: Marcel’s Quantum Kitchen

23 Mar

It is usually a bit to soon to judge a TV show based only on the pilot, but I’m going to do so anyway. Marcel’s Quantum Kitchen, on the Syfy Channel, has too much stressful drama and not enough food for my taste. It reminds me of Dinner Impossible, where beating the clock is the main driving force of the plot, not the food or even the characters.

Each episode features Marcel and his team designing and executing a menu for a catered event. In the first episode, the team has four days to work on a benefit event. The client is portrayed as a stereotypical spoiled SoCal housewife, and Marcel clashes with the event designer. Much more interesting than the picky clients and potentially inadequate team members, is the molecular gastronomy, or highly scientific, toy-happy method of cooking that Marcel employs. Unfortunately, the emphasis on the human drama meant that one of the featured dishes wasn’t even mentioned in the planning or execution stages; it only appeared at the party.

The show does do a good job of defining food terms and explaining the science, but it’s no Good Food, Diary of a Foodie, or MythBusters.  I will try a few more episodes to see how it shakes out, but this show needs more kitchen and less bitchin.



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