Easy After-work Party

13 Mar

Mostly on a whim, we decided a margarita party was in order. So we bought a ton of limes, tequila, Grand Marnier, corn tortillas, hard tacos, and ground beef. We invited friends and told them to bring a favorite taco ingredient. I absolutely insisted on making the margaritas with fresh lime juice, not sour mix. It truly makes the cocktail.

I browned and spiced the meat the night before, leaving it in a glass container over night. The day of the party, I arrived home at 6, and our first guest arrived at 6:15. I simply microwaved the meat and some kidney beans laced with smoked paprika while opening packages of tortillas and taco shells. The boys squeezed limes and mixed margaritas, remarkably only getting water (and not juice and sugar) all over the floor.

The guests brought cheeses, numerous salsas, lettuce, beans and rice, and tortilla chips. All ingredients went onto the dining room table, and our guests snacked on tacos and mingled. It was one of the easiest parties I’ve ever thrown, and one of the most fun. There were surprisingly few crumbs to sweep p the next morning (no, we don’t have a dog).

Do squeeze your own limes, or at least buy lime juice. Several of our guests remarked on how much better the margaritas were than ones made with sour mix. Enjoy!


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