A New Adventure

28 Feb

Adventure may be a slight overstatement, but it is an exciting new craft for me.  This past week, I learned how to embroider.

embroidered initials

I am in the very first baby steps of this, so I simply was attempting to learn a few basic stitches. I stamped my initials and did backstitch on the piece a right. Below I practiced some stitches and labeled them.

practice stitches

There is an adorable embroidery shop in Savannah that I need to check out, French Knot. Once I get some proper supplies, I want to try some samplers. But I don’t want to do traditional samplers. I want to stitch my favorite snarky sayings.

“The early bird catches the worm, but the early worm gets eaten.”

A few years ago, I saw an adorable sampler that was outlined in flowers and simply said, “Bite me.” Any suggestions, tips, and, sayings from readers would be greatly appreciated!



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