ruby sweater for a coffee press

15 Feb

first attemptAll winter I was sick and tired of drinking room-temperature coffee. I began wrapping my coffee press in two tea towels, which was too cumbersome. Finally, I knitted and felted a sweater for my coffee press. (Full disclosure: my Mom knitted a coffee press cover more than a year ago. Credit for the idea goes to her).

But my first attempt had a fatal flaw- I was so concerned about losing heat through the top of the sweater, that I forgot to leave a hole in the top for the plunger while the coffee brews.

Round two was a much better, simpler design. I took 100% wool yarn and measured my gauge. Then knitted in the round to create the sides of the sweater. I made it loose enough to allow for shrinkage during felting.

in progressTo finish the sweater, I decreased stitches by knitting two together every 5 stitches. With 8 stitches left, I bound off. The opening at the top is just large enough to allow the top of the plunger through, so I shouldn’t loose too much heat. I was thinking about a larger opening with a draw string, but I got distracted by a Masterpiece Classic episode.  I have not felted the sweater yet; I want to test drive it first.

snuggy sweater for my french press


sweater and french press


One Response to “ruby sweater for a coffee press”

  1. katie February 19, 2011 at 8:55 am #

    your good

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