Paper Snowflakes

20 Dec

Most people think paper snowflakes are only for kids, but I disagree. It’s possible to make elegant, intricate paper snowflakes that are great for decorating all winter.

The key to a superior paper snowflake is twofold. One, start with square shaped paper. Two, fold the square paper into a triangle, not a rectangle. then continue to fold the paper into smaller and smaller triangles. But do not fold it so small that it is difficult to cut, because this will result in jagged edges.

folded and cut paper snowflakes

folded and cut paper snowflakes

Other tips:

  • Don’t be afraid to combine wavy and straight lines in your cutout material.
  • Paper snowflakes don’t have to be white. If you have white walls, shades of blue snowflakes strung together would be beautiful.
  • Get creative about where you hang your snowflakes. Tape them to windows, hang them on your Christmas tree, or string them together to make garlands and hang them everywhere!
  • Despite my opening statement, this is an awesome project for the kids.
  • Make lots of different sizes of snowflakes.
  • Don’t forget to recycle when finished!
Finished Paper Snowflakes

Finished Paper Snowflakes


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