Ultimate Thanksgiving Day Pie

22 Nov

Pumpkin pie? Apple pie? Can’t decide? This is the pie for you. The Ultimate Thanksgiving Day Pie is a layer of apple pie topped with a layer of pumpkin pie. I made this pie for our “bonus Thanksgiving”, held this Sunday with friends before we all disperse to have Thursday Thanksgiving with our families.  I really wish I could remember from where the original recipe came.  A call to Mom didn’t shake loose an answer either. So this is my version, complete with freestyle fashion guesswork.


Apples and Butternut Squash ready for slaughter


First, I made the pie dough. I use an all-butter crust from one of the last issues of Gourmet magazine. While that was chilling in the fridge, I roasted the organic baby butternut squash. I was very excited because they were much easier to cut than the pumpkins I had been using all fall. Unfortunately, they were much more difficult to scoop the flesh out of because the skin was so thin. Note to self: next time peel the squash.

While the squash roasted and cooled, I peeled and sliced the apples, tossing them with brown sugar, cinnamon, and a generous amount of dark rum.

Roasted butternut squash cooling on the window sill.

After removing the flesh from the skin of the squash, I put about two cups of squash in the blender with about 3/4 of a cup of brown sugar, four small eggs, one and a half cups of skim milk, a dollop of molasses, and lots of pie spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and cloves). Once the squash mixture was pureed, the pies were ready to assemble.


Buttery pie shells waiting for filling.



I slid the macerated apple slices into the pie shells, filling them a little more than halfway full. I still had leftover filling that I set aside. I poured the pumpkin mixture onto the apples filling the pie shells completely. The pies went into a 450 degree oven for 10 minutes then baked for approximately 50 more minutes at 300 degrees. I also made a mini pie with the leftover pastry scraps and apple filling.


Apple slices macerating in brown sugar and dark rum


Before starting, I consulted two baking books, The Fanny Farmer Baking Book and Shirley Corriher’s Bakewise. They both suggested cream or evaporated milk rather than skim milk for the pumpkin filling. While the skim milk worked perfectly fine, next time I will cut back on the amount. One and a half cups was too much and probably caused the long baking time. Otherwise, simply taste the filling as you go and adjust if necessary. Enjoy!




The Ultimate Thanksgiving Pie: apple-pumpkin pie





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